Goldfish bring lunacy to London

It’s not too often you come across music that defies definition. For those inexperienced in the work of these aquatic producers, that’s about to happen now.

There’s more than a little Greenskeepers, Music For Freaks and Detroit Grand Pubahs inherent here. And the electronic-jazz ethic ensures things feel very international, making Goldfish contenders for a place on Mr Scruff’s playlist, or in Derrick Carter’s bag.

Some will love it, some won’t. Some will get it, some won’t. Regardless, when the South African duo touch down in the capital for an exclusive show at The Coronet Theatre on Friday 29th October, it’s probably going to be a night to remember. Their debut, Caught In The Loop, earned comments suggesting ‘the next Basement Jaxx’ had arrived, while the third studio album- Get Busy Living– was well received this September. So, without further ado, we present the video to Fort Knox, for no other reason than the fact it best visualises these aural oddballs. Let us know what you think.