LS City return with two huge records…


The return of LS City

LS City is back! The label of love set up by DJ and producer Jamie Fisher as a way of having complete control over the music he releases, rather than being at the mercy of various other label bosses, has showcased plenty of city talent as well as names from further afield. Richard Dinsdale, Style of Eye, the boss himself plus many more have all appeared so far, with Beatport Top 10s and various chart topping positions all secured as a result.

Says Jamie of LSCity’s outlook: “The label is just the outlet and should only have small say in the actual track and final sounds of the master – I don’t want to interfere too much, I want people to be able to express themselves and know their music will be put out as they want it to be.”

The next two releases are now ready for the big wide world, and are detailed below.


Jamie Fisher – Vamped Up

LS City Records


Leeds’ LS City Records offer up a new track from label boss Jamie Fisher complete with remixes from Benny Royal and Lissat & Voltaxx.


The original track is a rolling tech house groove peppered with tribal percussion, old school recalling rave pianos and a heavily filtered female vocal. It’s a rambunctious house track designed for maximum impact on house loving dancefloors.


For their part, Lissat & Voltaxx speed things up, make more of the gauzy, ravey piano stabs and have the beats rotate that bit slicker.  It’s a dynamic track with hi-hats ringlets at its core that allow you to hook on to them and never let up ‘til the end when a dusty breakbeat drops in to really tare things up.


Finally, Dutch superstar Benny Royal adds he usual percussive density to the track, with plenty of big synth washes and squelchy bassline all rubbing against each other to make for a hi energy house track of the highest order.



Benny Royal – If You Look Ace 2012 EDITS

LS City Records


LS City Records first released Benny Royal’s – If You Look Ace in 2010, but now re-release it with some killer remixes from some of the day’s top talents.


First up is Hungarian house producer Belocca. His tasty edit adds plenty of atmosphere in the form of white noise waves and bright metallic FX. The beats lap at a cool mid-tempo and the percussion is smooth and slick, making this a perfect house bomb.


Next up is label boss Jamie Fisher. His edit is a melange of styles that includes jazzy little melodies, big bold bass and plenty of squelchy synths. Polished production and subtle breakdowns add plenty of tension and when the release comes you can almost see the hands reaching skywards.


Finally, Ivan Miranda & DJ Latin Drum turn in an electro-frazzled remix with humid percussion and lots of brightly coloured synth lines.  Some harmonic bell sounds add depth to the breakdown and the ensuing drop is sure to lock in all those house loving heads.


Another great release then, from the ever on-point LS City Records.