Rhythm Distrikt 02














Toolroom Records’ boundary-pushing album concept committed to the diverse sounds of Techno returns with the follow-up ‘Rhythm Distrikt 02’. Going the extra distance and delivering an entire album of exclusive material, expect 20 tough and rolling underground tracks from the world’s finest producers.
Highlights include Lutzenkirchen’s perfectly constructed noise assault ‘Bubblegum’, Christian Fischer’s minimal and techy ‘Gentle Truth’, Marco Lys’ ‘Back To The Beat’, and Rhythm Distrikt favourite Spektre uniting alongside Tom Laws for the spacious soundscape ‘Whores & Hangovers’. Plus with debuts from Cristian Varela, Spartaque, Mr Bizz, Tom Hades alongside a returning Marco Bailey and more, ‘Rhythm Distrikt 02’ delivers nothing short of a definitive collection of underground grooves and throbbing subsonic beats designed to satisfy the most purist of Techno aficionados.†

There is an exclusive preview on soundcloud here: http://soundcloud.com/toolroomrecords/rhythm-distrikt-02-exclusive
Buy your copy here: http://bit.ly/RD02bp

‘Rhythm Distrikt 02’ Tracklist :
1    Razor    Original Club Mix    Spartaque
2    Bubblegum    Original Club Mix    Lutzenkirchen
3    Back 2 The Beat    Original Club Mix    Marco Lys
4    Cockteaser    Original Club Mix    Cristian Varela
5    Inari    Original Club Mix    Ant Brooks
6    Bonistia    Original Club Mix    Marco Bailey & Tom Hades
7    Whores & Hangovers    Original Club Mix    Spektre & Tom Laws
8    Gentle Truth    Original Club Mix    Christian Fischer
9    Hey Guapa    Original Club Mix    Mr Bizz
10    Angry Bots    Original Club Mix    Save The Robot
11    Space Ride    Original Club Mix    Filterheadz
12    Raptor    Original Club Mix    Fergie
13    Some Fresh    Original Club Mix    Da Fresh
14    For-U    Original Club Mix    Koen Groeneveld
15    The Tunnel    Original Club Mix    D-Unity
16    Toolkit    Original Club Mix    Hollen & Raul Mezcolanza
17    Gagaucci    Original Club Mix    Mihalis Safras
18    Flash    Original Club Mix    Mr Bizz
19    Wob    Original Club Mix    Ahmet Sendil
20    Talking In The Park    Original Club Mix    Leonardo Gonnelli

You can watch the promo vid here too! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksEObgtR-ik&hd=1