DJ Linus ‘KB’s Groove (Kris Wadsworth/Analogue Cops rmxs)’

DJ Linus / KB’s Groove (Kris Wadsworth/Analogue Cops rmxs)

Vinyl / Digital

Initials / Released September 2012


What does it sound like? 

If you’re familiar with the Tyrant mix No Shoes, No Cake, then chances are you remember this 1997 soulful house outing as one of the highlights. If you don’t then that brief description may be misleading, so those uninterested with said micro-canon shouldn’t write this one off.

Re-released, with new remixes for 2012, the old cut still sounds pleasingly fresh, and kicks off this package. Hypnotic would be one way to describe it, as the instantly recognisable dubby, bumbling bassline, chimes and electric organ keys take us down into deep and captivating sounds, all the while a love song plays out in the background; an ode to nocturnal joys no less.

Producer du jour Kris Wadsworth does a number on it first, distorting the vocals into creepy electrical baritones, before slowly building a track that’s high on the tension scale, boasting a warbling low end and acidic accents. Completely different to the original, it’s an admirable attempt to reinvent an iconic piece of work. Then The Analogue Cops let spiralling, analogue arpeggios and staccato snares create a retro feeling, with the results being one of those tracks that gets inside the head.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

Plenty of effort has been made to modernise, with both reworkings worthy of time and attention. Despite this you really can’t touch a classic, but thankfully now it’s re-issued you may well be able to buy one.

Where can I buy it?