Lee Osborne talks Evoke…



Lee Osborne has paid his dues in terms of hard work. His remix of Automanual was one of the hottest tracks around and was heavily publisised. We thought we would catch up and chat to Lee about his Gallery residency and his huge gig at Evoke, one of the hottest clubs in the South right now.


You have just been crowned the new Ministry of Sound and The Gallery Resident, a great feat! What does this mean to you?


I’ve really focused on my music over the past three years; I think that’s made the difference and ultimately the basis of the residency. I’ve literally been in the studio non-stop and the stuff I’ve been working on over the past few months is a real step change, I really can’t wait for the new releases, I’m looking forward to testing them out on that system!


The residency is a dream come true, I mean Ministry Of Sound is really the only real super club left in London and it’s probably the most World’s most prestigious. The Gallery is an institution every single week the programming is immaculate there really isn’t anywhere in the UK where you will find A-Class super stars playing week in week out. My debut is with Ferry Corsten and you don’t really get much bigger than that!


Your remix Automanual became one of the hottest tracks getting huge props from the likes Marco V – did you ever expect the track to become so big?


Ha! That’s the one tune I always get asked about…I guess that’s because it was the first time it was officially remixed and released on Marco V’s label and the original was a massive anthem. I still love playing it, it destroys the floor every time – to be honest you never expect that one track to be so big and believe me I’m not complaining! My DeadMau5 rework was the same I think it even got 6 weeks continuous play on Radio 1…Look out for the next one 😉


Your part of the quartet with Ali Wilson, Matt Smallwood and Ben Gold – can you elaborate on what you guys do?


Ha well I wouldn’t say quartet, myself Ali and Matt have been friends and collaborators for 15 years. Matt & Ali have been working together on their own sound for a while and with a lot of success winning a lot of critical acclaim from the likes of Carl Cox. Ben and I have been friends for about 7 years and work in the studio together when we can get the time! We’ve released on Armada (Captivating) and are now working on another collab coming your way very soon. All four of us are connected that’s for sure and we’re all from London, we have a very tight community!  The boys 😉


You will play the hugely hyped Evoke club this coming month, are you excited to play?

I’ve seen the pictures! It looks crazy, it’s the time first I’ve seen a club so packed every week! The line-ups look wicked as does the crowd. I love new clubs, brand new sound systems, big lights, excited clubbers. And I can’t wait to play next to Robbie Rivera, I’m working on big room progressive house set – lots of groove and lots of bass!


What can we expect from your gig?


Exclusive re-works from myself as I said, lots of energy, lots of groove and bass! I’m not sure Essex will realize what has hit em’ J.



You mix trance and progressive house together frequently – was this an angle you wanted to take or something you fell into?


It’s all about the music, it doesn’t really matter what specific genre it is, it’s all about THAT sound and more importantly the dancefloor, the music I play is strictly for the clubs. DJ’s and Producers have been crossing over for a long time now, it’s creative and healthy for the scene. Personally the level of quality music has never been better.


Finally what’s next for Lee Osborne?


A lot more touring to be honest, I’m looking forward to Ireland and Scotland coming up in a few weeks then moving on to South America, it’s something I really want to concentrate on. The studio will not stop and I have some VERY exciting collaborations coming up. Exciting times.