Jammy’s Jaunts: 29.06 – 01.07 – Tilanbiik, Pokerflat Records, Spilt Milk, Cartulis Day & Jaded

Jaunt (jônt, jänt)

n. A short trip or excursion, usually for pleasure; an outing

Plain and Simple’s roving reporter/man about town and clubbing addict Jammy brings you his eye view of the events he was shuffling at in the last week… This time he spent his jaunts at Tilanbiik, Pokerflat Records night, Spilt Milk, Cartulis Day and Jaded afterhours.

Hey and welcome to Jammy’s Jaunts! A weekly round-up of my weekend’s proceedings! This weekend consisted of attending a new party that has recently appeared on the scene: Tilanbiik, a quick visit to the Pokerflat night and a visit to my favourites: Spilt Milk, Cartulis Day and Jaded afterhours. So to start off the weekend, I started my Jaunts on Friday at Crucifix Lane for the Tilanbiik party featuring Gary Beck and Nihad Tule. This new collective of forward thinking individuals are certainly beginning to make their mark from their humble beginnings in 2011. Their first party was back in April at Basing House with Nihad Tule again headlining. This time at a much bigger venue, he was invited back alongside Drumcode legend Gary Beck. The order of the night was simply and purely Techno. From the beginning of entering the room, I was hit was a wall of bass and the music simply was outstanding! For a relatively young and new night, they are still building their crowd and it was good to see this happening in London, considering how saturated we are right now and how many different parties there are to go to.

Set times – Telmo Fernandez 22:00 – 23:30, Nick Bowman 23:30 – 01:00, Gary Beck 01:00 – 03:30, Nihad Tule 03:30 – 06:00. Great warmup’s by the two Tilanbiik residents and Beck well and truly smashed it! He really soaked it up and was very engaging to the crowd. You could really tell that he was fully up for it when he smashed out his track ‘Egoist’ and the crowd going absolutely mental! A really fulfilling set from him and the first time I have seen him play properly. Had a lovely chat with him and the standard photo was taken! Soon after, he was whisked away, to prepare for his Awakenings set in Holland. Last by not least, Nihad Tule took to the decks and continued to slam out the techno. Again, another DJ that I have had the pleasure to see for the first time and he didn’t disappoint! Track after ruthless track was played and it was really pleasing and encouraging to see a new night do well, especially playing Techno on a Friday night! By 6am, it was time to call it a day. Thoroughly impressed and one to look out for in the future.

Saturday began the mini mission of mine. To begin with, was Spilt Milk. Who could ever forget that memorable Jubilee party, a few weeks back?! Definitely check my previous Jaunts for that review. Easily the best Spilt Milk in 3 years. Now was the turn of Boris Werner and Lauhaus to headline this summer day time party. Set times – Henry St Social 12:00 – 16:30, Boris Werner 16:30 – 18:30, Lee Rands – 18:30 – 20:00, Lauhaus – 20:00 – 21:30, Marc Ashken – 21:30 – 23:00. I arrived late, around 6pm and managed to catch all of Lauhaus’s set. Nice tech house groove to compliment the warm (ish) afternoon, to entertain the Spilt Milk crowd and they were really up for it. Shame the sun went back around the buildings as the night descended as this party really thrives on good weather, good music and good people! However the weather stayed firm and there was no need for the marquee this time around! The vibe was cool and as always, the people and the music complimented each other really well. It’s all about having a good time at the end of the day!

Another successful milk adventure! The next leg in the Jaunt marathon was to quickly pop around the corner to Hub Studios where Pokerflat had their showcase event. Run by Steve Bug, accompanying him was Heidi, H.O.S.H, Alex Niggemann, Dan Berkson & James What (live) and Jamie Anderson. The event ran from 2pm till 6am with Steve Bug doing a terrace and a warehouse set. I arrived around midnight and Dan Berkson & James What were on. Deep tech house groove was on the menu and the music there was really good. Stacks of Funktion 1helped for sure and they certainly made an effect! Hub Studios was divided into half and only half of the dance floor was used, instead of using the whole space, which I found interesting. A lot of events were happening in London last week and it seem like a lot of nights were not as busy as anticipated. This seemed like the issue here, but I’m pretty sure it did not detract from the main party atmosphere! I only stayed for a couple hours as my next stop was the very cool Cartulis Day party back at Crucifix Lane run by Unai Trotti and Alex Cliche.

Headlining Cartulis was Tolga Fidan (live) and Cesare Vs Disorder. Set times: Unai Trotti – 23:00 – 00:30, Deadecho – 00:30 – 02:30, Tolga Fidan (live) – 02:30 – 03:30, Cesare Vs Disorder – 03:30 – 05:30, Unai Trotti B2B Alex Cliche 05:30 – close. I arrived around 230am and saw the start of Tolga’s live set and it was another act that was new to me. In all honesty, I have only heard of him once but never heard him play. I was suitably impressed and his sound really fitted the whole Cartulis crowd and philosophy. It is always difficult playing a live set in my opinion and over the whole hour he really had the crowd going and this was very notable to see. This weekend was full of new acts that I haven’t seen play and Cesare and Disorder were another one. Two hours of Tech house infused music with heavy basslines was just the right sound to follow Tolga and by then Crucifix Lane was comfortably filled. Such a nice vibe and atmosphere follow Cartulis and it’s a great partnership that they have with Jaded (as Unai and Alex are Jaded residents). As usual, to wrap up any Cartulis party, the residents go back to back and this provided a great ending. Unai and Alex were on top form and they really know how to get their loyal fans into the groove! It’s always a pleasure to attend their parties. The journey was nearly over, but the last stop off and conveniently round the corner was Jaded at Cable.

This Jaded morning, the balcony room was controlled by resident Raymundo Rodriguez who played for an incredible 6 and a half hours! A truly remarkable effort! Main room was taken over by (T.W.I.C.E) Vicente Rodriguez, Alex Cliche, Unai Trotti and the secret guest Shlomi Aber who came straight from his set at Egg. Another new act this year was Aber and he was exceptional! Totally the right sound and groove for Jaded. Love the fact that he was dropped Techno but on the whole it was really jacking tech house. I was really taken in by it all and was enjoying every minute of it. Following him was Vicente Rodriguez and again a new one to add to the list. He carried on the vibes and took the energy of the crowd to a whole another level. Another act definitely to look out for. The main room was packed by then and by 1130am, the Cartulis duo took over and wrapped up and gave the weekend a proper sign off! Wow, what a weekend! So many parties, so many experiences, so much fun! See you at Bloc next weekend…? Peace!