Superpitcher ‘Moon Fever Remixe’

Superpitcher / Moon Fever Remixe 


Kompakt / Released June 2012


What does it sound like? 

One of the most beguiling and mysterious tracks from Superpitcher’s Kilimanjaro LP gets some mesmerising remixes done nearly two years after the original release. The trio proves to be worth the wait though, with Lawrence stepping up for two instalments, whilst Gluteus Maximus offers his own ideas for a final cut.

The latter’s pair come in the form of an ambient edit, which sees the chimed harmonies and melodies laid bare, individual keys slowing growing from the background soundscape, and Lawrence’s dancefloor mix isn’t any less trance inducing either. Set to a shuffling pace pianos are layered atop of plodding kick, whilst those high end refrains gradually build from the back to the core form symphony.

Pitted with warm organ tones, it’s the kind of outing that draws you in and doesn’t let go; heard quietly epitomising home listening dance music, unleashed in a club ready to impact real understated devastation. In contrast Maximus (of Gus Gus note) delivers something far more progressive and expansive in terms of noises, with synths bordering on the ethereal saturating each bar, whilst a metronomic hook keeps the time as we descend into a rainstorm breakdown, filled with echoes and meditative notes. Reminiscent of everything from dub techno to Spanker-era Cass n Slide, it’s a logical, not to mention welcome partner to the aforementioned, techy-er take on things.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

Though we’re always up for closing our eyes to enjoy a view we’d have to opt for Lawrence’s cut as a result of it being so utterly addictive, but also deep and immersive.

Where can I buy it?