Martinez releases Memoria…

Martinez – Kkpont/Pygmalion


Tech house is a much and often maligned genre, but when its done right, it’s as potent on the dancefloor as any house or tech. And that’s exactly the point of it, more swing than techno, harder edges than house. Few do it better than Martinez, the Swiss/Dane with a long association with the Moon Harbour imprint, as well as others. The two tracks he serve up here for Dutch label Memoria are some of the finest in his catalogue.

‘KKpont’ has heavy underlapping kicks and bass slaps that force you into the dance. A light and quiet dusting of percussion acts as the hook for you to latch onto and shadowy, echoing vocals add a moody darkness. ‘Pygmallion’ is less insistent, with drum breaks and passages of scurrying kicks interchanging from start to finish as tribal toms and congas pepper the groove. Both cuts are pure dynamite, and no mistake.