Death In Vegas, Beedle and Prosumer set for MCR Eurocultured

We’ve been treated to a pretty serious amount of sun in the UK this week, which is exactly the kind of thing we like in the run up to a double Bank Holiday. Fingers crossed things hold out for another seven days then.

Not least as next Sunday, June 3rd, and Monday, June 4th, sees New Wakefield Street’s many bars and clubs open their doors and road to the masses in order for that annual celebration of continental music and art, Eurocultured, to take place. This year’s event will be headlined by Caravan Palace on Day One, and Death In Vegas on Day Two, with other highlights across the double header including Ashley Beedle and Prosumer, all of which should be well worth the gate price alone.

On top of this live acts such as From The Kites of San Quentin, Errors, Humanizer, and Broke ‘n’ English should also be checked out, whilst a list of other recommendable DJs would have to include Scottish housemen Optimo, hip-hop old schooler Martin Brew, and BMT’s Nanny, but that’s really just our opinion. For a full list of artists and set times, which is long and extensive with 100 acts playing everything from techno to folk on three covered stages and inside six venues, head over to by clicking on this link. Meanwhile, for those already convinced (you should be) following this link will redirect you to a legitimate ticket seller. Not long now then, here’s a video to enjoy in the meantime, courtesy of the Generic Greeting Collective.