Luke Solomon mixes Cutting Edge compilation

The Classic Music Company co-founder and all round UK house stalwart has pieced together a recorded set of music for Brazilian club D-Edge, which is one of the South American country’s most prominent clubs, situated in the capital, Sao Paulo. Geography lesson over, here are the brief details.

Cutting Edge arrives blended by the one and only Luke Solomon, a chap who’s made a few beasts in his time, not to mention signed innumerable inspirational artists. In short, he knows a thing or two about what makes a good tune, especially with a view to melding a few together, and with a tracklist sporting names like Kris Wadsworth, Kink, Neville Watson, and Boo Williams this outing looks likely to retain that reputation. The overall idea, apparently, is to craft something that’s timeless, and will hold up in years to come, as oppose to simply putting out another free compilation via the good old internet. Whether that proves to be the case or not remains to be seen, but once it’s out- on July 7th- we’ll be the first to start the investigation. Full tracklist, as ever, below.

Various Artists / Cutting Edge mixed by Luke Solomon

01. Wonder & Amazement -The Grand Corporation feat. Jeremy Glen

02. Angels Looking Down On Me – The Digital Kid

03. How I Program – Red Rackem

04. Lime & Pink – Kris Wadsworth

05. This Machine (Kills Me) – Crooked Man

06. Seven Reasons (Roberto Rodriguez Vocal Mix) – Scope feat Terry Grant

07. Metropole – Kink & Neville Watson

08. Preset – Crooked Man

09. Vital Signs – Jonny Fiasco

10. Morning Banger – Andy Meecham

11. Juvenated – Iz & Diz

12. Leave Me Alone (Brett Johnson Remix) – Trademarq

13. Devil Music – Boo Williams

14. I Really Do Believe – Duckbeats