An Interview with Huxley

It’s safe to say that London based producer/DJ, Michael Dodman, is having a pretty good year. With releases on labels such as Hypercolour, 20:20 Vision and Tsuba and massive tunes like ‘Let it Go’ and ‘Take No More’; this is one beat maker who could cure any granny of her arthritis and get her shaking her slippers on the dance floor. We took the opportunity to catch up with him before he gets buckled over by the booty shakers (less grandma more Beyonce) at Farr Festival this summer alongside the likes of Eats Everything, Craig Richards, jozif, Hannah Holland and many many more…

 For anyone unfamiliar with your sound, how would you describe it?

A crass bastardisation of house, garage and some other shit

 Who has been the biggest influence on your sound?

 No one in particular, but there have been a lot of different people and styles of music that have influenced me. I have always tried to keep myself surrounded by new and old music and I think that helps to keep my ideas fresh and not dated

 Where does your stage name come from?

 I was reading the novel A Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley, at the same time as when I was in need of a name. It just soturns out that it’s a great book, and I thought Huxley sounded good… so I stole it

 How are you choosing which labels to release on?

 I guess I’m quite lucky in that some of my favourite labels have come to me to do stuff for them, and that’s awfully nice. I haven’t sent out a proper demo for a while, which I suppose is a good thing. That said, there are still a lot of labels I’d love to release on

What gigs are you most excited about this summer?

 I’ve got quite a lot that I’m looking forward to, a nice mixture of festivals and some wicked club dates too. Obviously Farr Fest, Farr Fest and Farr Fest, 😉

If you could go to a festival with any three DJs in the world, who would you choose?

dOP, Dyed Soundorom and Fred P…actually maybe Levon Vincent, Ricardo Villalobos and Kerri Chandler… It’s impossible to choose just three!

 If you could create your own festival, where would it be and what would it entail?

 Due to laziness, I’d probably hold it in a park near my house, just so I could walk there.  I guess it would entail fun, frolics and some lovely tunes. Scale wise, it would be quite small, but there would definitely be some sort of bouncy castle

 We better get on the bouncy castle case then! If you weren’t a DJ, what would you be doing?

 I would probably be trying to work as a video editor or languishing in middle management

 Can we expect to see you on the dance floor after your set at Farr 2012?

 100%. Last time I played at a festival, you couldn’t drag me off the dance floor. Quite literally, actually, as Sam Russo can attest

 Any party tricks?

 I do a greatimpression of a massively pissed up twat, if that counts?

Sure! Current favourite track?

Kimbra – Build Up (George Fitzgerald remix) 

Huxley’s most recent EP ‘Out of the Box’ is available to download now! Follow him on twitter @Huxley_Music  and facebook and don’t miss him at Farr Festival 2012!