Swayzak unveils new project (and we can’t wait)

Last year saw the amicable split of production partners David Brown and James Taylor, the two heads that made up one of our favourite duos, and the promise that the former would continue with the studio output. Now we’ve got wind of the first stage in the new plan.

So Swayzak, at least in the old format, is on hold, but June will see the release of a new album from S_W_Z_K, which comes solely from the deft hands of Brown. The LP will see the light of day via Tresor, and word on the street suggests this is somewhat indicative of the sounds therein.

The man responsible has also referenced the outfit’s acclaimed live shows as a big source of inspiration for the new record, which means, as those who have caught such performances will know, we should expect some rather unexpected moments indeed. Richard Davis, whose vocals have graced earlier work in the production oeuvre, also makes an appearance or two. Roll on summer then; full details below, with a more personal take on things available by clicking here to see the musician’s own blog.