Estroe ‘Comfort and Closure’


Estroe / Comfort and Closure

CD / Digital 

Eevo Next / Released November 2013


When we spoke to Esther Roozendahl, AKA Estroe and an undisputed mainstay in the underground Dutch electronic scene, for our recent instalment in the imprint exposing series, Around the world in 80 labels, she mentioned how people often see her music as slightly left of the dancefloor. Apparently we must therefore have been front and centre for the first airing of the new album from this continental studio boffin.

Of course the contents of said LP, Comfort and Closure, are not concerned with squarely following the oft-restrictive but nonetheless reassuring blueprint dance’s various mutations have created for themselves. But then it’s hardly abrasive, shock to the system stuff. In the same way as many of the more thoughtful beat-making minds, in this instance there is enough difference and experimentation to ensure we stand up and take notice, yet there’s no risk of us missing the hooks and hypnotic attributes therein.

Opening with a mysterious, downtempo arranged packed with delicate echoed melodies and suggestions of drums, rather than dominant patterns, it takes another track on top of this before we get to anything most would describe as ‘club’ focused, albeit everything has been informed by the surrounding culture, with dubby Tyrant-esque warm up vibes emerging, before giving way to disco-tinged, live-clap topped beats. It’s a cunning juxtaposition of deep and glitteringly uptempo that welcomes in a heavier sound to the fold. Soon waves of synth and a distinctly techno outlook become the order of the day, complete with ambient moments interspersed in between. Crisp, fresh and existing in one of those happy middle grounds- which isn’t to say there’s anything middle of the road going on- top marks to the one woman orchestra.