DeadEcho ‘Made For You EP (James Teej & Tim Paris rmxs)’

DeadEcho / Made For You EP (James Teej & Tim Paris remixes)


My Favourite Robot Records / Released April 2012


What does it sound like? 

Continuing on a roll that has seen our Favourite Robot crew hit these pages with almost every release from the past few months, DeadEcho- who’s She’s All Over Me with Marc Ashken is an all-time imprint highlight- delivers an acid tipped EP that nods to the best of Chicago, breakbeat, and electro-funk. It’s dirty, fun, but far from cheesy, and as such works for us in a way most dull as ditchwater fare really doesn’t.

The title track itself, in original format, is a rolling number of phaser noises, filtered bleep hooks, and a vocal rap that sounds distinctly like an excerpt from Madonna’s Vogue (in all honesty it is- “Greta Garbo, and Monroe / Deitrich and DiMaggio“, albeit delivered in lackadaisical London tongue). It sounds like it shouldn’t be, but the result is something that’s primed to work equally well in bars or clubs. James Teej then does a number on the track, dropping a warbling, reversed out melody on top of grungy synths and a rather delightful, stepping breakbeat to create something Adam Freeland wouldn’t say no to.

An EP in the literal sense, we’re then also offered two more original tracks. Speed Demon proves to be pure irony, with its slow-mo four four and quick fire drum rolls turning the arrangement into a tune more on an 80s nostalgia tip; very Soul Clap indeed. There’s also Milkshake on the record, which is a direct nod to Derrick Carter’s boompty boomp sound, cutting everything back so we’re left with one of ‘those’ b-lines, and a freakish vocalist, making for a sauntering, bottom heavy affair crafted with DJs that like to cut and paste in mind, until the slightly deeper-house sounding resonant keyboard drops, taking us into more submerged areas. Finally we have Tim Paris’ remix of the latter, which ups the background noise (mainly through adding percussion and distant harmonies), and cuts back on the vocals, resulting in what you might call great filler fare.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

It’s a close one to call, certainly Made For You is a memorable workout, though we’d say James Teej does a better job keeping us interested. Milkshake’s Windy City-ness is solid too, if a little less imaginative.

Where can I buy it? 

Quality stores, very soon.