Safeword ‘West Portal’

West Portal / Safeword


Bad Animal / Released March 2012


What does it sound like? 

Marc Smith and Clint Stewart, AKA San Francisco’s West Portal, find themselves responsible for Bad Animal’s second release on black plastic, and a worthy endeavour it is too. Truly hypnotic house music is a rare thing, and here it’s done in fine style with West Portal, all warm, expansive chords, smoked out hooks, and siren-like vocals.

Flip it and find Let Go, a decidedly less unique affair that’s still notably enjoyable, complete with male soul samples and shuffling jazz percussion- all very laid back stuff. As is the case with Smoke, all dubby beats and warm chords, which Berlin’s Smash TV then turn into an acidic affair via their remix, the most upbeat, obviously dancefloor focused section of this release.

What highlights can I expect to hear?

Undoubtedly the opening track wins out in the end. Once its repetitive chime is revealed and the lyrics begin to unravel it’s difficult not to find yourself getting involved. Obviously this is not trance, but that would be one way to describe the effects.

Where can I buy it?