Jimmy Edgar ‘This One’s For The Children’

Jimmy Edgar / This One’s For The Children

Vinyl / Digital 

Hotflush Recordings / Released March 2012 


What does it sound like? 

Jimmy Edgar, the Detroit-turned-Berlin resident nu-school house player, returns with the first fresh sounds we’ve been given in over 18 months, which in turn provides a taster of the forthcoming LP he’s got lined up for Hotflush later this year. Things have gone a little electro to say the least.

The title track is the kind of thing that invokes Andrew Weatherall, The Juan MacLean, or even Brett Johnson, all filtered analogue arpeggios and lyrics like “We don’t like celebrities, we just want what we crave / We don’t like television, we don’t like New Wave“, set to a stepping beat complete with handclaps and tracking hi hats, all very danceable, dirty stuff. In contrast Switch Switch is far glitchier affair, all broken staccato beats and powerful synth stabs married to jazzy pianos. Oh yeah, and there’s an instrumental of This One’s For…, just in case you want a little less sleaze.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

Anyone who has ever played on a cartridge-based video game console, lived in the 80s, or enjoyed sounds from electro-clash to disco-not-disco will understand why This One’s For The Children is the reason to buy here.

Where can I buy it?