Parallel Records release Various Artists compilation…

Artwork -Gramatica Paralela-Parallel006

Artist: V/A
Title: Gramatica Paralela
Label: Parallel Records
Release Date: 14th June

Parallel Records is a relatively new label with links in both Spain and Lithuania. As such a heritage suggests, it tends to attract artists from all over the world, all of whom would seem to possess a penchant for discerning soundscapes and ethereal tones. The imprint’s latest release sees them call on a batch of old hands and newcomers, with Gramatica Paralela a party that’s very much worth getting involved with.

It’s Chilean star turn Alejandro Vivanco who gets matters underway with ”Suit Sing”, a melody-laden track that’s indicative of his own county’s penchant for percussive wares. Mecanica’s ”Warning” is just as un-synthetic as their moniker suggests, with only the suggestive lyrics hinting at any sort of tangible human emotion. German producer goes all chord heavy on ”Audio Chip”, a track that takes a while to get going but soon unfurls into a heady, potent dancefloor weapon of a similar ilk to say, a Dirtybird release.

Efforts from Nick McMartin and Pablo Bolivar opt for more traditional textures, but it’s the Monkey Brothers who delve to the most inspiring place courtesy of ”Electronic Caffe”, with its skirting bells and many intricate elements providing the package’s most captivating listen. A dexterous track with mounds of ambient appeal.

Omer Grinker’s ”After All” is fixated with minuscule chimes and meandering melodies, Dop’q’s ”” adopts a minimal guise, and preceding number, ”Weekend of Life”, by the always on-point Gwen Maze, opts for a more stringent groove. Taken on their individual merits, they all speak volumes about an offering that’s every bit as diverse as it is intriguing.

Sometime duo Javier Orduña & Iñigo Oruezabal partner up again on the excellent ”Exceed Your Vision”, a record that flirts with house and techno themes, while Noam Levy’s ”Dangerous to Remain” compounds the feeling of trepidation emitted just earlier. Occasionally, V/A records such as this can be all filler and no killer. Gramatica Paralela, on the other hand, is precisely the opposite.

Track listing
1) Alejandro Vivanco – Suit Sing (Original Mix)
2) Mecanica – Warning
3) Rif Raf – Audio Clip (Original Mix)
4) Nick Mcmartin – Mother Tone (Original Mix)
5) Monkey Brothers – Electronic Caffe (Original Mix)
6) Pablo Bolivar – Destination Novgorod (Original Mix)
7) Omer Grinker – After All (Original Mix)
8) Dop’q – (Original Mix)
9) Gwen Maze – Week End of Life (Original Mix)
10) Javier Orduna & Inigo Oruezabal – Exceed Your Vision (Original Mix)
11) Noam Levy -Dangerous to Remain (Original Mix)