Guest Chart – Regis

If there’s one thing we’re proud of here at Plain & Simple it’s that when we run a chart it’s because the charter is well worth listening to. Today’s instalment is from a man who’s certainly no exception.

Where do you start with someone like Regis, a chap better versed in the black arts of electronic music than most other people on the face of our planet, or any other. Since 1993 he has worked alongside Peter Sutton heading up the Downwards imprint, ensuring we’ve all got a consistent supply of boundary pushing noises with which to entertain ourselves, and that’s just for starters.

He’s also a knee-slappingly good DJ in his own right, of course, and then there’s that whole Sandwell District thing that he runs alongside Function, a label that has to be amongst the finest techno institutions currently on offer. Solid pedigree then, needless to say his record boxes, CD shelves, and hard drives are packed full of quality tunes, so handing this page over to the man in question, who has ten tips to recommend for March, is nothing short of a pleasure.

Ugandan Methods / The Black Arch / Ancient Methods

Regis / Speak To Me / Downwards

Surgeon / Breaking the Frame / Counterbalance

Vatican Shadow / Church Of All Images (Regis mix) / Blackest Ever Black

Silent Servant / ‘u/t’ / Hospital Records

Antonym / Cinnamon Air / Minimal Wave

Regis / Guiltless / Downwards

Russell Haswell / Acid (Kevin Drumm mix) / Downwards

Bob Ostertag / Salvage / Sandwell District

Function / Le Coq Sportif / White Label