DJ W!ld announces details of Dirty new album

There are apt titles and then there are apt titles. Then there’s the name Guillaume Duchastel de Montrouge has given his second long player.

The man better known as DJ W!ld is a French house player and producer known for deep grooves with bite and plenty of jack. Thankfully then album number two, Dirty, isn’t going to change anyone’s mind on that front. 15 tracks (albeit including Intro and Outro) are included on the new collection, which arrives a year after his debut LP. Cabin Fever is the imprint in question this time, and May 14th the release date. Full tracklist below, along with a little reminder of why this is one to check out when the time comes.

DJ W!ld / Dirty

1. W Train (intro)

2. W Train

3. Apres La Plage

4. Voyage

5. Dream Of Me

6. All I Want Is U

7. In Love

8. Dirty

9. Ça Scotche

10. Beats

11. Ficou Loco

12. En Route

13. Remember

14. Ballade A Asnieres

15. M!am! W!ce (outro)