Session Victim prep debut LP…

…and it’s called The Haunted House of House. As such anyone would be forgiven for thinking the release is some permutation of goth wave, industrial techno (despite the genre-referencing title), or at least something a little bit scary, but the reality couldn’t be much different.

For those unfamiliar with this outfit (where have you been?) let’s start with a brief introduction. Hauke Freer & Matthias Reiling, as Session Victim are also known, hail from Germany, and make music that’s somewhere between Balearic, deep house, future-disco, hip hop, soul, and tech. In short, it’s pretty eclectic fare that has found favour with a number of notable heads, not least Move D who allegedly was moved to tears whilst playing one of their tracks at the end of a festival.

Evidently emotive stuff, the new album looks to expand on their oeuvre, which already boasts releases on Real Soon, Morris/Audio, Wolf Music, Retreat, and Delusions of Grandeur, taking things to the next level with a full-length, eleven track outing that will arrive on the latter imprint come May 14th, in CD and vinyl format (digital types will have to wait until June 11th). Certainly one for fans of Todd Terje, The Mole, Andrew Weatherall, and Nightmares On Wax, the full tracklist and some taster videos are below for your delectation.

Session Victim / The Haunted House of House

1. Dark Sienna

2. Zoinks

3. Push Comes To Shove

4. Alpine Glow

5. The Haunted House of House

6. Cow Palace

7. Bison

8. Good Intentions (LP Mix)

9. Light Scent of Decay

10. F.I.N.E. feat. Grand Agent

11. Flying Visit