Jimmy Edgar unveils details of Hotflush album

Those that read our interview with label bossman Scuba last week will already have been aware of this, though even for the most informed details have been a little thin on the ground. Thankfully though the silence has now been broken

So Detroit nu-schooler Jimmy Edgar will release his next LP, Majenta, via the aforementioned honcho’s critically acclaimed Hotflush Recordings. A total of thirteen tracks have been compiled for the album, which is a more electro-fuelled outing for a man who’s perhaps most commonly associated with words like jack (along with Warp Records, and !K7).

This time round it’s all about the sleaze though, as tracks such as Take Me On A Sex Drive (Feat. A11A) and the Prince-style I Need Your Control go to show. Quite the eclectic, multifarious offering then, European dates are expected to be announced soon in support of the release, which will finally see the light of day on May 7th. Full tracklist below.

Jimmy Edgar / Majenta 

1. Too Shy
2. This One’s For The Children
3. Take Me On A Sex Drive (Feat. A11A)
4. Indigo Mechanix (3D)
5. Attempt To Make It Last
6. Let Yrself Be
7. Touch Yr Bodytime
8. Hrt Real Good
9. I Need Your Control
10. Heartkey
11. In Deep
12. Switch Switch
13. U Need Luv