I:Cube on the Megamix for fifth LP

It’s rather difficult to know where to begin with Nicolas Chaix, a veritable saviour of credible French house music and all round producer extraordinaire. That is except by pointing out the fact that he’s also an incredible DJ.

The musical figurehead in question, also known as I:Cube, is about to release his fifth long form effort. What’s more, the impending record is set to prove both of the points we’ve opened with here, because “M” Megamix consists of 24-tracks, each carved into black plastic by the man himself, which have then been melded together, club set-style.

The result is something that straddles a studio album and on the fly mix, and should perfectly soundtrack parties, basements, and just about any other place one might find themselves listening to this kind of thing. Or at least that’s the plan, anyway. Included in the blended long-player, which arrives on May 7th via the legendary Versatile Records, are all three tracks from Chaix’s last 12″, Lucifer En Discothèque, along with plenty more quality cuts nodding to all manner of electronic, dancefloor-focused fare. Full tracklist below the video.

I:Cube / “M” Megamix

1. Not important
2. Bajo Bajo
3. Grotto
4. Your Brain
5. Transparent Sea Creatures
6. Transpiration
7. Zero Tastatur
8. In Alpha
9. Interludio
10. Y.O.U.R.O.C.K
11. Get The Fever
12. Cadence III
13. Jah Menta
14. Makossa Suspens
15. N’Dololo X M
16. Magnetic Mambo
17. Omamo
18. Club Miniature
19. Le Rocher Aux Singes
20. Deflation
21. Popular Electronics
22. Too Old For This
23. Lucifer En Discotheque
24. SH 50 Storm