Scuba ‘Adrenalin’

Scuba / Adrenalin

Vinyl / Digital 

Hot Flush / Released September 2011


What does it sound like?

The first EP from Scuba on his own, internationally revered Hot Flush imprint since last year’s album, Triangulation, marks a triumphant return for the man in question after time spent concentrating on his wholly deeper, housier sounding SCB project. Furthermore, it’s a proud celebration of all that is fun, bouncy, and timeless about electronic dance music.

Opening with the EP’s eponymous track, though it’s important to note here that the title is an apt description for all three, we’re immediately dropped into a funky and ever so slightly soulful breed of jacking, electro influenced house that nods to the likes of Andrew Weatherall and Robert Hood, or more accurately Floorplan, before emerging as something of a trance parody.

While sounding pretty bizarre there will be no arguments from the serious masses, as reams of synth cascading into a stripped four four, complete with sharp percussion and hats, don’t always sound this good, but here it’s nothing short of a half-epic, half dirty anthem. In contrast Never focuses more on atmospherics, as huge walls of rave keys carry over a stepping, thoroughly mechanical break to create something quite unique. And from there Everywhere takes up the mantle, dropping in with all the commercial sensibilities of any 80s electro-disco-pop pastiche, while refusing to come up overground for air. Intelligent, replicative production at its best.

Where would I dance to it? 

Anywhere Tony Montana is.

What highlights can I expect to hear?

We’d say Never and Everywhere take home the bacon simply for their unabashed attitude. And, though probably not set to take over the world of house and techno, any fans of 2manyDJs, Hudson Mohawke, Diplo, and other such difficult to describe types will no doubt agree.

Why should I pay for it? 

This really is a keeper.

Where can I buy it?