Guest Chart – Robert Hood

It gives us great pleasure let this next guest take responsibility for ten cutting edge electronic recommendations. After all, this is the chap who invented minimal techno, and managed to do it while retaining disco samples and a seriously funky ethic. Just listen to Tiny Dancer.

Robert Hood, whether working under his own name or a number of monikers, still commands respect from committed music heads, and grabs page space anywhere and everywhere from DJ Magazine to Wire. A thinking man’s sledgehammer-tough DJ, that he remains one of the few Detroit names not to lose his air of mystery through significant press exposure means he epitomises what it meant to be an underground legend- often heard, rarely seen. With that in mind show some respect, there’s an originator in the house.

Floorplan / We Magnify His Name / M-Plant

Lee J Malcolm / One Star b/w Applicant (James Ruskin remix) / EPM Music


Robert Hood / The Family / M-Plant

DJ Pierre & Green Velvet  / Acid Trax  (Original 2011 mix) / Afro Acid

Ben Sims / Dollar Bill Y’all / Hardgroove

Robert Hood / Clash / M-Plant

Mark Broom & James Ruskin / No Time Too Soon / Blueprint


James Ruskin / Work (Steve Rachmad remix) / Blueprint


Floorplan / Basic Principle / M-Plant



Italoboyz / Zinga / Get Physical



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