Another Late Night and Late Night Tales reveal ten best tracks of the series

It’s not our game plan to recommend overpriced, over-elaborate compilation releases. Which is why you should already know that a boxset, comprising no less than 27 albums that make up a universally respected series, is something quite special.

Late Night Tales took over where Another Late Night left off, and collectively both have delivered CD after CD of quality, obscure, alternative, and often overlooked music selected by some serious names. Air, Groove Armada, Four Tet, Trentemoller, Sly & Robbie, Turin Brakes, Howie B, Nightmares On Wax, The Cinematic Orchestra, and Fatboy Slim have all made appearances, meanwhile a Japanese only covers album was, until now, something of a fabled rarity, whereas Late Night Tales At The Movies did exactly what the title would suggest.

Now all of those have been made available in one lovely special edition pack, of which just 200 have been made up. Those are priced at £199 each, and are currently selling as you’d expect- for full details click here. The people behind these releases have also been quizzing fans on their favourite tracks to have featured on any of the discs. The results have been counted, and we thought it might be a good idea to embed the tunes below, just to give you an idea of what’s so good about each of them. Here’s the top ten then, and if there are any problems here you can stream the audio over at SoundCloud.

1. Sebastien Tellier La Ritournelle (Late Night Tales compiled by The Cinematic Orchestra)

2. Dave Bixby Drug Song (Late Night Tales compiled by MGMT)

3. The Cure All Cats Are Grey (Late Night Tales compiled by Air)

4. Midlake Rosco [Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Remix] (Late Night Tales compiled by Groove Armada)

5. The Velvet Underground Ocean (Late Night Tales compiled by MGMT)

6. The Velvet Underground Venus In Furs (Late Night Tales compiled by Trentemoller)

7. Scott Walker The Old Man’s Back Again (Late Night Tales compiled by Air)

8. RJD2 Here’s What’s Left (Late Night Tales compiled by Belle & Sebastien)

9. Depeche Mode Enjoy The Silence (Late Night Tales compiled by Groove Armada)

10. Shuggie Otis Aht Uh Mi Hed (Late Night Tales compiled by The Cinematic Orchestra)