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As has been the tradition over recent weeks we continue our fruitful friendship with the good folks in Farringdon and provide your well tuned ears with some weekend material, just in time. And on this occasion we look to a particularly well regarded Glaswegian who, while residing in Amsterdam, will be making the trip to London to make some tunes live.

Vince Watson‘s done pretty well for himself since first emerging from Scotland’s famously productive techno scene, and is one hell of a respected producer with fans coming from various electronic avenues, which is no surprise as the bossman of revered label Bio Music (responsible for releases by Ben Sims, Joris Voorn, and many more) is famed for hypnotic instrumentation born from a true understanding of, and talent for making tunes.

As he said a few years ago to RA before delivering his podcast for the site: “I don’t just write techno. I just write music, and want people to listen to it as music, nothing more nothing less. I’m not a genre freak.” We’ll let you be the judge of that, so have a listen to the 60 minute mix he’s put together for Fabric, ahead of his live show at the club on Saturday 9th July, full lineup below. When you’re done with that, here is an interview with the man in question to help understand the mindset behind his music.

Simply click here to download Vince Watson’s Fabric mixtape 


Fabric, Saturday July 9th


Room One

Craig Richards


Isolee (Live)


Room Two

Terry Francis

Steve Rachmad

Vine Watson (Live)


Room Three



Johnny Hiller

Neil Thornton