CHOICE CUT – Ahmet Sisman ‘Dancer in the Dark’


Ahmet Sisman / Dancer in the Dark

Vinyl / Digital

Stock5 / Released June 2011

The Blurb.

With a string of killer releases on Cocoon, Lessizmore and Dumb-Unit, Ahmet Sisman’s dynamic style incorporates all that is good about quality club music right now, fusing next-level studio skill with power, movement, and some serious club-slaying grooves. Now he’s back with a new four track EP which threads a sensitive and emotive line between deep house and dub. It comes on connoisseur German imprint Stock5 (for whom the likes of Jichael Mackson and Cesare vs Disorder also record) and fits perfectly with their quality aesthetic to date.

‘Unknown Destination’ opens thing at a slo-mo house crawl. Lazy kicks and rolling sub envelopes; restrained percussion and dramatic cymbal hits are all that make up this ever-so-slightly haunting cut as it rolls on and on through the darkness of a basement club. ‘The Third Room’ is more urgent track, one that punches a crunchier rhythm and has a male vocal ever present in the background as it slumps through a slurry tempo.

‘Get Low’ unsurprisingly does just that with a salt shaker groove, cutting synth shards and a churning beat pattern that very efficient moves forward without ever hurrying… infectiously groovy stuff and no mistake. ‘Dark Side of The Moon’ is shrouded in warped synths which reach off far into the distance as a rueful and soulful male vocal echoes in its midst. When the kick drum pushes things forward, the energy nicely dissipates into a languid, lateral groove that once again manages to hit just the right spot.

Our Verdict.

All the releases have a really nice groove and the production quality is second to none, particuarly on ‘Unknown Destination’ which has a really interesting depth of sound and some really nice live sounding percussion elements.The vocals are haunting and serve to add to the overall sonic effect rather then being the focus of the EP, and again the production, filtering are really tight, making it worthy of a good set of speakers. Solid work, if a little bit samey to warrent a 4 track release.  Well worth a listen if you like  the James Blake dub-house sound thats ticking alot of boxes at the moment.

Ahmet Sisman – Dancer in the Dark [Stock5]
A1 Ahmet_Sisman_Unknown_Destination
A2 Ahmet_Sisman_The_Third_Room
B1 Ahmet_Sisman_Get_Low
B2 Ahmet_Sisman_Dark Side Of The Moon