Various Artists ‘Little Helpers Vol. I: Mixed By Butane’

Various Artists / Little Helpers Vol. I: Mixed By Butane

Digital / CD 

Little Helpers / Released February 2011


What does it sound like?

A load of B-sides and looped grooves from the likes of Kai Limberger, Someone Else, Butane, Ryan Crosson, Duky, Buck and Niderflur, all of which are called stuff like Little Helper 20-6, or Little Helper 1-3. As such it’s pointless to go into the specific names of records used, and more logical to attempt a summary in one fell swoop.

Serious back room tech vibes are abound across this no-doubt painstakingly pieced together mix album showcasing a label that goes out of its way not to cause a scene, preferring to let the music do the talking. 14 ‘tracks’ are made up of multiple releases from the imprint, and whilst individually these outings might be a little on the minimal side for most when worked together into such a constantly layered meld of music they sound anything but dull. It’s got four fours, and chugs, rolls, and steps at various moments; enough said.

What highlights can I expect to hear? 

As it’s impossible to separate we’ll opt for ‘the whole mix’.

Why should I buy it? 

Few compilations lack any moments or big breakdowns, but manage to hold your attention this well. On top of that, investing in the digital version also ensures you take home the contents as individual tracks, which is useful.

Where can I buy it?