David Lynch to open surrealist Parisian hangout

OK, so we can’t claim to have seen the work in progress, or even the initial designs. Unlike Sunday Best’s Rob da Bank, who came back from the world’s most romantic city talking about a “wood pixel roof”.

Whatever that means reports are out of David Lynch’s latest project. And it doesn’t take the form of a film in which an amateur detective ends up embroiled in a twisted sexual scenario with a masochistic songstress and her abusive, gas addicted boyfriend who veers between the personas of an angry baby and menacing thug.

Far from it, in fact, as the man who likes to make people ponder subtexts and sanity is set to open a real life Club Silencio (a set used in 2001’s Mulholland Drive) this September. Hopefully a short man with disturbing eyes won’t accost you at the bar to reveal that, contrary to the laws of science, he is actually in your home, speaking to you on the phone.

That said this is certainly going to be a memorable venue, considering the revered director has been responsible for the interior design. Located on Rue Montmartre, Paris, the venue will include a concert hall, restaurant, library, and cinema. Whether you have to make your way there on a motorised lawnmower is still unconfirmed… OK, we’ll leave the movie references now so you can check out a more serious explanation from The Guardian.