Tickets still available for this weekends Glade.

Yes, we’re surprised too. Perhaps its due to some un-reliablity in previous years. Perhaps its due to the constant venue changes. Perhaps its just because there are so many festivals to fit in. But believe it or not if you’re not up to anything this weekend and fancy seeing some stellar dance music artists then you still have time to nab yourself a Glade ticket.

The main stage line up alone is well worth a trip to Norfolk for, headliners on the Glade stage include Trentmoller (live) Sub Focus, Global Communication and Adam Beyer, with support from Andrew Weatherall, London Elektricity, Hybrid, Elite Force, Meat Katie and the Dub Pistols. Whats more, there are 4 additional large stages, and a range of nano systems and micro areas.

We’re not sure if the festival would be set up to do something as epic as this Trentmoller live show below, but if it is it would be pretty spectacular:

This year the promoters have promosed the event would be stripped back to its orrignal roots, a non-corporate underground dance music affair and from what we’ve seen thus far it seems to be heading that way (really, we haven’t heard of half of the line up- and we’re music journalists) but of course this can be a really good thing, festivals are one of the best places to discover raw talent, as long as you can remember who you were watching.

A proper rave up in the grounds of a country manor, not a bad way to start the summer.