Guest Chart – Stacey Pullen

Do we really need to provide an introduction here? Innovator of Second Wave Detroit, pupil of Messrs Saunderson, May and Atkins, all round solid but soulful record spinner with exceptional taste…

Indeed Stacey Pullen is all of these things. He can claim to have fans like Mr C. (for more reasons than just that remix of The Shamen), and boasts over two decades of experience, meaning his reputation speaks for itself. As do the sets people have come to know the name for, and the eclectic but rhythmically lucid treats that are usually in store for those within earshot. And, after close inspection, the recommendations he has lovingly provided below follow along the same lines. Read them and weep then, because there are a few here that might already be unobtainable.


Stacey Pullen / Alive (Hi-Tek Soul remix) / Black Flag

Markus Mehta & Alec Chizhik / Tactile (Stacey Pullen remix) / Great Stuff Recordings

Sebastien Leger / Miami Whatever / Form

Stimming / After Eight / Diynamic Music

MBC / Nachsegler / White

Santos / Primitive Cannible / Monique Musique


Daniel Frontado / Minimax (Carlo Astuti remix) / Four Peas Recordings


Carl Craig / At Les (Christian Smith’s Hypnotica remix) / Tronic

Sergey Nitkitin & Kim Semikashev / Hit & Run / Craft Music

Virgo / In A Vision / Rush Hour Recordings