Free Royksopp with every Hype Machine

More news surrounding the forthcoming album from the Scando-super producers after the video we shared with you all last month. As of Monday 6th September blog aggregating site The Hype Machine will incorporate a SoundCloud audio player giving users the opportunity to stream Senior for one week, some seven days before its official release.

A sign of the times, it’s the first occasion wherein a preview stream has been offered through a blog based website. We’ll also be bringing you our thoughts on the aural arrangements contained within said long-player on Monday- so watch this space. After that, go to the aforementioned Hype site, search for Royksopp and see if you agree. While you’re there a bit of digging might be a good idea, said Machine has developed a reputation for influencing the making and breaking of up and coming, unsigned and even unknown producers.