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Hiya!!! Hope this week finds you all well..  Saw in the news today that volunteers are to be shown taking drugs live on TV in a “radical”  new programme commissioned by Channel 4 (ooh they are just sooo cutting edge and “yoof” driven aren’t they?). The four-part “science” series (please excuse the extreme over use of quotation marks in this – there is a lot to be sarky about!) and “creatively” named Drugs Live (would love to have been a fly on the way in that brain storming meeting to come up with such an inventive title) will investigate the physical and psychological effects of illicit drugs and alcohol on the human body. As the clever name suggests it will be LIVE and there will be DRUGS!!

It will basically show people taking class A drugs and alcohol while under strict medical supervision – doesn’t sound like my kind of idea of a good night out!  Last thing you need after a tab of acid is a doctor peering into your face with his stethoscope! Channel 4’s chief creative officer Jay Hunt said: “It’s never been more important for Channel 4 to stimulate debate, to challenge the status quo, and above all to be brave. The Government’s drugs tsar Professor Nutt was sacked for claiming that LSD and ecstasy were less harmful than alcohol. In an incredibly bold experiment and we are going to be putting that to the test live, looking at the impact all of those substances have on the human body in a clinical environment”

Drugs are bad.. Mmmmmmm Kay?

It will be interesting that’s for sure although but I’m not entirely sold. Surely for this to be the case it would have to be over a period of years no? Sounds like another Channel 4 “shock factor” prog to get viewers (remember the autopsy one? oooh sooo shocking!!!) Tell you what though to be frank I can pop to my local warehouse rave or pub anytime I like to see such specimens, don’t need to watch on the telly.. However I’m sure i will tune it to have a look at what happens… I wonder if anyone I know will pop up as one of the volunteer gurners! I live in hope!

Quite weirdly during the same announcement, Channel 4’s Jay Hunt also revealed that Fern Britton’s show was also being dropped… LOL – I’d like to see someone double dropping old gastric band Ferny!! What a trip! Now that WOULD be great telly!


Seth Troxler – Essential Mix – 07-05-2011 by R_co

Latest tracks by getthecurse

BacktoThaFloormIx by jimimistry

Latest tracks by mkgmusic


This week we have tickets and MORE to give away this week from:

Rhythmatic vs Weplayminimal w/ M.In & Den Ishu:

In the three short years of its beat ridden life, Rhythmatic has made a colossal mark on the heart of the London dance scene. The graceful and international vibe that comes with an enchanting music policy has gained the party plaudits from its ever growing and always loyal fan base all over the globe.

After the launch of their Day/ night parties back in April with Moon Harbour at Cargo, Rhythmatic will be returning with a bang at Cargo on the 29 May for a rather special event, showcasing the new and fresh label Weplayminimal. They’ll be presenting two of the most talented DJs to emerge from the German scene in the last year, M.in and Denishu, also on the night we welcome from Jaunt Richard Rowell as well as Stathis Lazarides, Wesley Razzy and Rico NovoWe have x 2 free entries up for grabs!


Sat 28 May sees Muak host another Bank Holiday Special party at Egg. Continuing their mission to bring together the world’s premiere DJs, producers and musicians, this night will not disappoint as we welcome – In the Basement Dj SPEN (Code Red), KARIZMA (kaytronik) for an exclusive back 2 back session, In the Terrace – UNER (Dynamic) and NACHO MARCO (Loud East) join the resident DJ & hosts, Zaki & Manish. They have given us x 4 tickets for muak and 5 Muak – (Music For the People) compilation albums! woo hoo!


2020 VISION:

2020 Vision have their next party on Bank holiday Sunday. The daytime portion of 2020 Vision’s 20-hour bash will feature sets from label boss Ralph Lawson and Steve Bug, head of Berlin’s Poker Flat imprint (and the man behind this week’s RA Podcast). Local artists jozif and Danny Raper will man the decks as well. By the time the party finishes at 10:00, a 12-hour warehouse party will have already begun over at Village Underground. That one features Ewan Pearson, Maya Jane Coles and Mark E, plus Lawson, jozif and Raper (everyone who was meant to play the canceled event from earlier this year). They have kindly given Weasel 3 x pairs of dual event tickets (these are on RA @ £25 each, and gain you entry to both the day and night events)

To enter and win any of these comps please send your names to:  melissa@plainandsimple.tv, as always Terry the office parrot will pick a winner at random.


The Guestlist Network’s Joe Le groove speaks to his buddy DJ hype: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oAxWuSUfEc


Plain & Simple speak to Barcelona’s Coyu boss of Suara records: http://www.plainandsimple.tv/2011/05/09/coyu-interview/


Plain & Simple’s Martin Hewitt speaks to Proviant Audio: http://www.plainandsimple.tv/2011/05/12/real-talent-sounds-like-this-an-interview-with-proviant-audio/




  1. SHORT CIRCUIT PRESENTS MUTE – DAY 1 AT THE ROUNDHOUSE: The 1st day of a 2 day art and multimedia festival over at at London’s historic Roundhouse venue. Expect DJs, live performance, screenings, installations from Mute artists plus a series of  workshops (Dirty Electronics hosting one of them).  The main attraction tonight will be none other than Minus’ Richie Hawtin who is flying over from Berlin for his usual mind blowing techno, technology-overloaded DJ set.  He will be supported by visuals by Ali Demire.  Before you start breathing again I need to tell you that Moby is in town still and will be spinning a special “rave” set. Also gracing the decks will be Recoil (Alan Wilder), Nitzer Ebb, Richard H. Kirk + many more.  There are live sets from German electronic music figures Pole, T. Raumschmiere, Thomas Fehlmann and Thomas Brinkmann.  This is set to be a real class act and will defo have the chin scratchers amongst you foaming at the mouth…!
  2. MARKETING MUSIC NIGHT LAUNCH WITH CHLOÉ AT EAST VILLAGE: Marketing Music Night Launch with Chloé at East Village.  This event sees Tim Paris’ label throw its 1st club night in London over at East Village.  Its time to come out of the studio and onto the dance floor! And thank goodness for that! Marketing Music has seen the likes of I:Cube, Shit Robot and Pete Herbert realising tracks on the hugely successful label. Tim will showcase exactly what the brand is all about with a basement rave featuring classy Parisian minimalist Chloé from “Kill the DJ” (she who Tim names as “his favourite DJ around”), and  joining Chloe with be Alex Egan from techno-electro duo Skull Juice.  The up-and-coming producer has just signed his new project to Marketing under the moniker ‘The Draughtsman’.. A night seriously not to be missed. You can read my interview with Tim Paris from late last year HERE
  3. KRANKBROTHER PRESENTS DYED SOUNDOROM, IVAN SMAGGHE AT RELIANCE SQUARE: Whilst his DJ and production partner Tim Paris (together they are “It’s A Fine Line“) is over at East village, Ivan Smagge will be rocking this cool loft-come studio space round the corner at Shoreditch Studios with Dyed Soundorom… Yet ANOTHER Gallic talent in London this weekend (they are literally taking over!!) The Freak N’ Chic main man keeps the party rockin’ with tech-house charmers, while Smagghe adds a deep and obscure edge with his infamous record collection. The krankbrothers will be supporting. Another cracker!
  4. MY LOVE IS UNDERGROUND LABEL NIGHT AT THE CAMP (CITY ARTS & MUSIC PROJECT): DJ Chloe, Tim Paris, Dyed Soundorom and Ivan Smagghe.. All in Shoreditch on the same night! Its a veritable French invasion! If all this wasn’t enough there is there is even MORE Frenchy goodness over at CAMP as well! Parisian label My Love Is Underground has gone from strength to strength since its debut release from Nathaniel X back in early 2010. The Label’s Head honchos – Jeremy Underground Paris and Brawther – hit London for the first time with a label showcase and are joined by the inimitable Jane Fitz. They say “Expect an evening of the finest sweat drenched house music” bring it on!
    One of the original pioneers of drum and bass Nicky Blackmarket plays at Kings Cross’ EGG later this eve. Not only famous within DJ land he is also known for opening legendary Blackmarket Records. In 1992, as the house scene moved towards breakbeat, Nicky created a separate department downstairs to cater for the sound that would eventually be called Drum and Bass. In the mid-nineties Nicky pushed the hardcore scene with a regular show on Pulse FM and performances at the Roller Express (god remember the Roller Express!). He then moved into production, making his first record “Spam EP”, along with various remixes and releases on his label Gyroscope, with artists like Ray Keith. This exposure fuelled his DJ career and Nicky decided to put all his efforts into playing his music around the world. As the jungle scene exploded Nicky formed his legendary partnership with the late Stevie Hyper D. These performances are still regarded as the standard by which all others are judged, and mp3s of those sets will probably be on the internet forever.  Unlike many superstars, Nicky still works in his shop and is a promoter of fresh talent and ideas, unafraid to help new artists and organisers push the art form forward. His love of drum and bass keeps him from descending into the mindless repetition and lazy performances characteristic of many in the scene. Nicky invites you to sample his philosophy at the shop in D’Arblay St, London, or at any of his shows around the world… This is a set you NEED to check out and brok out to this eve! Nuff said.

Other cracking nights tonight: Warm with 6th Borough Project & The Revenge at Plastic PeopleDouble Shot O’ Soul @ The Drop | Shameless Disco @ The Horse & Groom |The Very Best Mixtape Party @ East Village

photos by: icanteachyouhowtodoit


  1. GILLES PETERSON ALL NIGHT LONG AT PLASTIC PEOPLE: Gilles Peterson comes out of hiding from the DJ game and kicks back with a bang bringing you a marathon 4 hour set special (all night long people!) over at Plastic People. There will be everything you’d expect from the maestro himself – jazz, broken beats, Latin house, global grooves, funk, soul, hip hop and leftfield. With the added bonus of Plastic People‘s sound system (in my eyes in the top 5 in London) and their super-amazing-real-music-heads-only-no-plastics-or-clicks type crowd you know this will be IMMENSE! (I’m smiling just thinking about it!) it’s only a tenner on the door so there’s no excuses! Be sure to arrive early to avoid disappointment.
  2. DALSTON SUPERSTORE SECOND BIRTHDAY: Nnnnhhh! Can this be joint number 1 with Giles Peterson actually?!! Jeeze that was hard to decide.  Time flies when you are having fun and the Dalston Superstore boys have certainly brought us that over the last 2 years. Underground clubbing, polysexual nights, Sweaty table dancing goodness and out of this world music. Dalston haunt the Superstore’s birthday party is sure to be one HELL of a tran-tastic bday bash! Saturday night will come will the crème de la crème of the creeps, peeps and avant garde beauties from the scene.  Jonny Woo, John Sizzle, A Man To Pet, Ma Butcher, Dan Beaumont, The Lovely Jonjo… Warning: This evening may contain nuts.
  3. A NIGHT WITH…ELLEN ALLIEN AT THE RED GALLERY: A Night With…has already set the bar for its 2011 series, already bringing the likes of Chicago house innovator Derrick Carter, rockabilly technoist Andrew Weatherall and minimal man Steve Bug. Certainly a tough act to follow, but if anyone can do it, it’s Berlin techno goddess Ellen Allien. Former T Bar programmer Derren Smart and Mulletover’s Rob Star’s concept night returns to take clubbing back-to-basics as influential techno DJs get in session and present their personal music journeys in a very intimate space. The Bpitch Control boss is a linchpin of the German electronic scene and runs the prestigious Boogy Bytes comp series, for which the likes of Kiki, Sascha Funke, Modeselektor and Seth Troxler have compiled mixes. On  Sat she takes you through her own musical journey, past and present, for a whole eight hours. To hear and watch her play is a privilege – to have her play in a raw intimate space, completely unsupported for eight hours is indeed something that you won’t get to experience twice.
  4. MISSTAKE IS BACK WITH PATRICK KUNKEL, BUSHWACKA! AND MAURA AT TBA – EAST LONDON: After a period of hibernation Misstake is back on the scene with a bang! Flying in from Frankfurt, will be Cocoon’s Patrick Kunkel… Massive! If this wasn’t enough joining him will be someone who needs little introduction to anyone involved in the London club scene, Bushwacka!  He has been sharing nights with Layo for more than 15 years at the The End nightclub and their new common warehouse project, Shake It is one of the most popular in town. The local touch comes from the hands of Maura, who’s just signed up on ‘Leftroom’ label.  All these names plus more and you’ll agree this was a come back worth waiting for!
  5. PUPPET PARADE WITH PABLO CAHN AND CARSTEN KLEMANN AT OLD TRUMAN BREWERY: After a hugely successful last party Puppet Parade are back at the Old Truman Brewery. This time round they bring you DJ sets from Pablo Cahn, a DJ who is quickly establishing himself as one of the most exciting young talents to have arisen in recent years. Holding to his name releases in top labels Cadenza and 8Bit, and a regular at Ibiza’s Zoo Project. Also joining will be Berlin’s Carsten Klemann a resident at Berlins Watergate since the clubs opening in 2003.  Alongside Pablo and Carsten will be the amazing Canary Fontaine and Co-conspirer Zippy, both of the Mean and Serialism labels. All this with the super cool but non pretentious crowd that Puppet Parade brings (a difficult balance to achieve!) and this will be a hell of an evening.

Other cracking nights tonight:  Stayinup Terrace Special w/ Julien Chaptal @ Cargo | Junk Yard At The Star Of Bethnal Green | Genius presents Foundation with Luke Donington & Friends at The Light Bar | Short Circuit presents Mute – Day 2 at The Roundhouse | Round Table Knights ‘Say What?!’ Album Launch Party @ at 7-9 Crucifix Lane | Feast with Robert Dietz at 93 Feet East | Zip and Agoria @ at fabric |Electric Minds Loft Party – Workshop Records with Kassem Mosse, Even Tuell at TBA – East London | Landed Records Release Party at Netil House | Vintage House Foundation | Lasermagnetic’s Disco Convention @ The Horse & Groom | Belle Epoque | The Blitz Party | Grind A Go Go

photos by: icanteachyouhowtodoit


  1. WETYOURSELF WITH SIAN AND CLAIRE RIPLEY AT FABRIC: While we are all still reeing from the amazing news this week that WYS will be taking the party over to none other than SPACE in Ibiza this summer.  We collect ourselves to hear that this Sun they’ll be bringing you yet another Stonker! First up on the DJ list is Irish born but Spanish raised  Sian.  His productions have been remixed by Steve Bug, Pan Pot, Efdemin and Minilogue whilst providing remixes for the likes of Guy J and Gui Boratto. Released on several important labels inc Bedrock, Sci & Tec, Soma and Steve Bug’s Pokerflat. His own label Octopus is emerging as one of the most exciting and upcoming labels of the moment.  Sian is well known for his trademark experimental DJ-ing style utilising a plethora of dissected loops, crafty use of effects and live editing.  Alongside Sian, will be homegrown talent Claire Ripley, Resident DJ and co-owner of the Phobic Imprint. Claire’s talent was recognised early with DJ Mag awarding her first demo as their DJ Mag Top Pick. Since then Ripley released her debut EP on Steve Bug’s respectable Dessous Recordings, Geddes’ Phobic as well as her own label Phobic.  Visuals on the night are as always provided by brilliant PRICKIMAGE.
  2. JADED WITH NICOLE MOUDABER AND XI (UK) (SLASH DOT DASH) AT CABLE LONDON: This week’s afterhours which was recently, and rather amusingly! Described in the Guardian as “not for the faint hearted” (perhaps they think pacemakers set off Cable’s metal detectors?) This amazing London institution for any discerning clubber returns this week with resident Raymundo Rodriguez, Intec’s Nicole Moudabe and “he of the chin scratching community, music obsessed, and down right blinding DJ cos he knows his shit” XI (Slash Dot Dash). For Jaded Members’ £6 list email jadedsundays@hotmail.com with your full name and email address and they’ll sign you up as a member (pacemaker or not!)
  3. RELATIONS AT THE BRICKHOUSE: Relations returns on the 15th May to Bricklane’s the Brickhouse.  This time with guests from Half Baked and Lorenzo Panico from DC7.  All joined by DJ residents Feronia and Bruce and Rios.  They advise you to “Be there early to avoid confusion” LOL: Advance Tickets @ £5
  4. HORSE MEAT DISCO @ The Eagle London: Resident disco titans Severino, James Hillard, Jim Stanton, Filthy Luka + guests are on rotation at the weekly shindig over at Vauxhall’s The Eagle.  Expect debauchery, nu-disco classics, Italo disco and electro beats.
  5. OYSTER AFTERPARTY WITH LUKE DONINGTON AT PUBLIC LIFE: Now on its 6th event, Oyster Afterparty is a new afterparty taking over East London. This week they bring you Weasel blog fave Luke Donington from Genius and foundation + residents. Present your Oyster card at the door for discount entry fee..!

Other nights to watch out for this Sunday:  Movimento Afterhours at Club Aquarium