Kompakt to put out huge charity album

It seems like we’ve been spreading a lot of news about musical projects assisting in Japan’s post-disaster recovery. Still, when details landed on our lap that one of our favourite labels and distribution companies is behind a very tasty looking treat with the same goal in mind, we had to continue the coverage.

Kompakt has got together with some rather impressive friends for a 34-strong compilation. Ostgut Ton, Freude Am Tanzen, BPitch Control, Dial, and Optimo Music are amongst the institutions collaborating on the release, which is available for a very reasonable price of €7.99, while individual tracks can be bought for €0.99 each.

Most of the usual haunts are involved in selling the collection that features productions from Jahcoozi, Michael Mayer, Efdemin, Monkey Maffia, SCSI-9, and Someone Else. However, we’d advocate Bandcamp and Other Music most of all, as both websites are passing on no less than 100 per cent of the sales to the worthwhile cause. For more information, and to stream the album, click on Kompakt.fm