Locked Groove ‘Heritage’


Locked Groove ‘Heritage’  (Hotflush Recordings)

Released March 2013 

Digital / Vinyl 


There’s more than a hint of euphoria to this part EP-part-mini-album from young Tim Van de Meutter. Its contents are dancefloor focussed, whilst wholly accessible and unarguably sizeable, and mark his return to Hot Flush, a label that gave him an initial leg up.

Darker than most Lost, a rather appropriately titled-brooder of isolated refrains and clinical techno beats, is the anomaly of the pack. Which is no bad thing, as it certainly adds to the reasons why a purchase may not be the worst investment you’ll make with this month’s pay. Looped, indecipherable and hypnotic vocal samples  add to the foreboding sense of darkness and futurism, so stylistically it’s a world away from the muted organs and trumpets of ‘straight up’ houser Wear It Well, or the glittering synth pop-esque Dream Within A Dream, but in real terms only a couple of tracks apart. Impressive, it’s indicative of the variety here, albeit everything belongs within the expansive new school four four gamut, and like everything else included in this package we definitely recommend taking a listen.