The Senior Eight – 1

Following last week’s news that winning entries in the ‘make a video for Royksopp’ competition had been announced, it’s time to take another look. We’ve already seen the best clip, courtesy of Argentina’s lluismiras, but there’s a host of other budding filmmakers that received slightly less prize money worth our attention too.

Today we’re delighted to deliver to your doorstep (or laptop) the first two runners up from the eight clips that also took home honours. Both creative sparks hail from that great landmass we call the U-S-of-A, and first up we have Mike Amin’s rather hallucinatory ode to London’s sadly missed MOMI. To those now looking confused we say: “it was the Museum of the Moving Image, and the gift shop sold an array of optical illusions that looked like this”. OK, so there’s nothing to say this has anything to do with that lost cultural attraction, but we’d appreciate if you indulged us with the idea.

Secondly we’ve got fellow American(s-?) a02jimah, who took the most dancefloor driven tune on the Norwegian duo’s latest LP, Tricky Two, and gave it a visual accompaniment that harks back to the pair’s first low-budget video, Eple. Constructed from archive footage set to the commanding, acid-tipped soundtrack, the only problem is it remains unfinished. That said, the fact judges still selected this work even after some dog came along and wolfed down the homework is surely indicative of potential talent.