Lincoln City Guide

Lincoln might not jump out at you as a classic clubbing destination but with a vibrant and value-for-money nightlife and blossoming student population it’ll certainly deliver above expectations. A decent night on the tiles in Lincoln can cost you little more than a tenner and with a wide variety of genres played at a concoction of clubs and pubs there’s rarely a dull moment.


Lincoln’s Best… Clubs

Scy Nightclub LincolnScy, 33–37 Mint Street, Lincoln

Formerly known as the beloved bar and club venue The Cell, Scy is a modestly sized, modestly priced venue with more charm and originality than the rest of Lincoln’s clubs put together. Playing host to everything from student clubs nights to DJ sets from famous faces, Scy is generally regarded as ‘the indie club’ in Lincoln.

Whilst that’s undoubtedly the image The Cell promoted, Scy is a little different, a little more eclectic with much wider appeal. On any given night you’re likely to hear dubstep followed by pop and hip-hop followed by rock.

Drinks are priced reasonably with bottled beers at a cheap and very cheerful £1.50 and selected shots and spirits usually no more than £2 a pop. And that isn’t even the best bit as Scy’s philosophy is that people make a party which is why Scy’s crowds are the best around.!/group.php?gid=2328086797

Ritzy’s, 11 Silver St, Lincoln

If Scy is Lincoln’s night-life niche then “Pulse – Ritzy’s – JJ’s” is a different breed of club in comparison. With a capacity that dwarfs Scy and situated more centrally in the city Ritzy’s is the big, brash venue.

Drinks are a tad more expensive and the music tends to lean more toward the charts but nevertheless Ritzy’s is Lincoln’s all-in-one. Working your way from the bottom floor bar JJ’s upward to Pulse and Ritzy’s, you’ll find every floor packed with partygoers.

Much like Scy this club attracts a large student crowd on designated nights and on Friday and Saturday remains the club of choice for most of Lincoln.

Wahoo, 13-14 Silver Street, Lincoln

The new kid on the clubbers block and in direct competition with Ritzy’s is Wahoo, a brand new pub-come-club venue which boasts typical value-for-money. By day Wahoo is a sports-bar and pub with £4.99 beer & burger deals and cheap pints aplenty. First impressions suggest it’s trying its hand at competing with the likes of Scream and Wetherspoons for cheap and cheerful entertainment.

However, looks can be deceiving as the nightlife lineup is truly tempting. Wahoo has attracted a handful of the city’s most popular club nights and it will prove popular with locals and students alike. Most notably Fat Poppadaddy’s, a cross-genre club night of pop, rock, indie and dance and Yo-Yo, Lincoln’s premier indie night, have migrated to the new Silver Street establishment.

Other club nights stuffing the seven night schedule jam-packed are The Clubhouse, Rubix, Misbehavin’, Diversion and Sunday Social. All offer a come-one-come-all ethos where the music is rock, pop and dance and the drinks are cheap.

The Engine Shed LincolnEngine Shed

Lincoln’s Engine Shed, the 2500 capacity university campus venue, boasts the best drink prices and some of the top nights to be had in the city. Some are student-only but many events will be open to everyone and the culture of ‘work hard, play hard’ seems at the centre of Lincoln University.

The venue is huge with high ceilings, impressive lighting and more bar space than you can shake a stick at. It’s also a stone’s throw from one of the city’s best pubs The Glasshouse and across the river from The Square Sail Wetherspoons which make it an ideal end-venue after a lengthy bar crawl.

Top DJs, bands and artists regularly play at the venue making it one of the best places in Lincoln to catch a live DJ set or band.


Lincoln’s Best… Bars & Pubs

Widow Cullen’s Well

29 Steep Hill, Lincoln

Firstly, it isn’t called Steep Hill for no reason. Widow Cullen’s Well, a traditional British pub, stands on one of Lincoln’s steepest roads making a thirst-quenching journey and a tipsy trip back a tricky walk.

Once you’ve reached this landmark pub however the rewards are immediately reaped as you’ll find the house ale, amongst other unique brews, at incredibly low prices. £1.60 pints are reason alone to visit but the well itself is also a fantastic photo opportunity.

Magna Carta pub in LincolnThe Magna Carta

No. 1 Exchequer Gate, Lincoln

Whether you’re young or old you’ll likely fancy a visit to Lincoln’s Cathedral in the afternoon and The Magna Carta is the well-known nearby pub, situated on yet another steep hill. Local legend has it that a drinking challenge to start at the top and work your way down the hill, stopping for a pint at every pub on the way, is still a mighty feat to achieve.

Dogma Lincoln bar and pubDogma

272 High Street, Lincoln

Great food and drink and a great atmosphere make Dogma perfect for a Saturday afternoon chinwag with your chums or a pre-club destination.

Prices are reasonable and compete with most of the other bars and pubs on the high street whilst the modern, tidy surroundings keep things feeling fresh and vibrant. Enjoying a cold beer or two on the decking at Dogma is brilliant when the sun’s out.

Quayside bar and pub Lincoln


Brayford North Wharf, Lincoln

Quayside is a Scream club come pub right on the river offering great views across the quay with outdoor seating and serious value-for-money inside. Food and drinks will cost you pennies not pounds and the music is usually a decent mix of pop, indie and rock. The upstairs club venue is intimate and can house just a few hundred people but this means most nights are sell-out nights and thus, a great party atmosphere.

The Glass House pub LincolnThe Glass House, St. Mark’s Square, Lincoln

Lincoln’s Glass House used to be the legendary home of FTSE-Bar, a price-drop drinks deal where you could get a round in for less than a fiver if you timed it right. Despite FTSE Bar no longer taking place there the 2 floors are usually full of atmosphere and prove popular with both Lincolners and students. It’s a short walk to town and Engine Shed from here which marks it as a central pre-drinking pub for many.

Revolution bar in Lincoln "Revs"Revolution, Park Street, Lincoln

Most cities in the UK have a Revolution and Lincoln is no exception. Drinks deals galore, a decent sized bar and plenty of seating make “Revs” a sensible stop on any bar crawl.

Make sure you seek Revs out because it’s easy to miss, tucked away down a narrow side street.

Walkabout bar in LincolnWalkabout, 233-237 High Street, Lincoln

Aussie beers and Aussie burgers don’t come cheap but Walkabout is nevertheless an affordable and unique option. Enjoy a VB or a Toohey’s, get some great food or just enjoy the regular drinks promotions on their range.

Get down there before the 1st February and get 30% off food.


Lincoln’s Best… Hangover’s Cures

The morning after a night out in Lincoln will probably lead you to Brayford quay where a long line of pubs and restaurants are ready to welcome you in for some much needed post-hangover food. There’s a Nando’s, Ultimate Burger and Chimi-Changa’s if you fancy a full-blown feast or a couple of the following might suit best if you have a tight ‘morning after’ budget…

Quayside Brayford Quay LincolnQuayside, Brayford North Wharf, Lincoln

You may have had a few too many here the night before but you’ll be wanting to head back the morning after to get some great grub. All day breakfasts as well as the staple beer ‘n’ burger meals that comprise a student’s diet here are just a few quid, useful if a long night of partying has left your wallet considerably lighter!

The rule to remember is if you’re funds are stretched find a Scream…

The Square Sail Wetherspoons pub in LincolnThe Square Sail (Wetherspoons), Brayford North Wharf, Lincoln

The Square Sail, a large, well-situated Wetherspoons on the quay offers much the same as Quayside, plenty of space and some decent tables outside for some fresh air and a decent view over the beautiful Brayford quay.

It’s usually a very quiet place before midday, perfect if you’re nursing a hangover headache!

Barge on the Brayford Seafood restaurantThe Barge on the Brayford, Brayford Quay, Lincoln

Seafood might not tantalise everyone’s hangover taste buds but if you’re only in Lincoln once then The Barge on the Brayford is a unique restaurant on the beautiful Brayford quay.

The food is quality, staff are friendly and views across the water are unbeatable.

Oliver’s Coffee Shop & Bistro

Renowned for having the best steak pie in Lincoln this is the place to come for quality, delicious food. You’ll find the menu is as simple or as lavish as you like, whether you’re popping in for a coffee to perk you up or a meal to fill you up.


Lincoln’s Landmarks

If you’re a first time visitor to Lincoln and you want to see more of the city in daylight then there are two must see sights before you leave…

Lincoln CathedralLincoln Cathedral

The cathedral in Lincoln is simply spectacular whether you like sightseeing or not. It’s the third largest in the country and in summer months trips to the top to look across Lincoln are stunning. Quaint shops, bars and pubs are nearby too which are pretty important considering the rather tiring trek up Steep Hill.

Movie fans might also recognise for being one of the shooting locations of The Da Vinci Code…

Lincoln Castle

Lincoln Castle

Another interesting landmark in Lincoln is its castle, which was built under the reign of William the Conqueror. Luckily it’s a stones throw from the Cathedral so you won’t find yourself trekking half way across the city to see the two.