2562 launches new label

What 2011 offers is a brave new future, and it goes without saying that in the crazy world of imprints only the strong survive. So let’s hope everything’s been thought through properly over at camp When In Doubt, because it would be nice to see it do well.

Landlord of the tech-dubstep halfway-house 2562 is the man behind it. The popular Berlin based Dutch producer and DJ is attempting to establish the label as a means of distributing the type of tunes most outlets would be too confused by.

After a sneak preview of the first single release, which sees the bossman return to record shops for the first time in over a year via just 300 blue vinyl copies worldwide (with no plans for digital or a re-press), we’d say it sounds as good as it should. Both Aquatic Family Affair– a half-break, bass heavy number- and This Is Hardcore– a track that provides the type of workout usually saved for the lowlight of some ghetto gaslamp- have the artist’s name written all over them. That means there’s enough groove and melody to lose yourself in a million times over, without anyone being allowed to forget that it comes from the guy who also calls himself A Made Up Sound and releases freestyle techno. Expect the album, Fever, to follow early April.