Juan Zero ‘The Zero EP’

Juan Zero / ‘The Zero EP’

MP3 / Vinyl

Broadcite / Released 20th December

There must be something in the water at the moment, what with the swathes of deep house production work going on right now. And while the poorer end is a sound that’s difficult for non-devotees to truly relish in, when it’s good it can work exceptionally well.

This three-piece offering from Juan Zero sways more towards the latter when in said mode, as track of the release Again A Dream proves to staggering effect. Shades of Martyn-esque melodies make sure everything’s sounding bang up to date, as do the percussive loops, while a muted organ stabs its way from the recesses of every house heads memory.

Out Of Phrase takes things down more of a live route; drums swagger forth as though the noise were being pelted from a real kit, before strings and submerged chords invite you to kick back. White Russian in one hand, it’s difficult to imagine getting back up, that is until Zumbana makes its presence known, with a flat footed, purpose built kick and piano combo. Soon siren-like notes are causing quite an atmosphere, as they would do on any dancefloor. Not bad by half.