Various Artists ‘Retake One Vinyl Sampler’

Various Artists / ‘Retake One Vinyl Sampler’


Mood Music / Released December 1st

If you missed the release of Tresor and Panarama bar resident Dave DK’s Retake One mix last month, then unlucky. Thankfully, you should have no trouble getting hold of a copy, and now this vinyl sampler offers three definite highlights from the mix, as separate tracks for your personal delectation.

First up is the man behind the mix, with the low slung, melodic but tough houser Will Be Gone. Warm pipes dominate the foreground, while the bass references Cassy, befitting a smoky basement complete with low red lighting. Impossible to ignore, it’s going to be an instant moment whenever it’s heard, though surrounded by pre-peak grooves is probably best.

In contrast Axel Boman provides an adventurous jock’s dream, with Cinquenta. John Tejada’s style is smeared across the disco-house chords that form the entire track for the first four minutes. Once the beat finally does drop you’ve then got a bouncer to contend with, capped with tick tock sticks.

Without question track of the EP is Fresh, which was aptly named by Citycobra. Lunging bassline and bleep bring on the techno mood, while a vocodered hook reminds us all of some old schoolness or other. Soon strings plunge and retract, forming an extension of the percussion, spiralling off into unknown pitches. Once the breakdown arrives you can almost feel the white of the lights, before synth heaven kicks in. It’s not perfect, but if spun at the right time some devastation could be caused.