John Tejada & Josh Humphrey ‘Pal 061’

John Tejada & Josh Humphrey / ‘Pal 061’

Vinyl / MP3

Palette / Released October 25th 2010

In the wide world of American dance L.A. is not that prominent a place. It’s not known for the jacking styles of the Windy City, nor Detroit’s motoring rhythms, New York’s disco-edged flavours or Baltimore’s B-More filth.

Up the coast and San Francisco still stands as capital of the West Coast vibe, leaving the City of Angels a little lost. Until you come to John Tejada, and Josh Humphrey that is. With this strong four-tracker, they again prove themselves worthy of carrying 9 million Angelinos on their shoulders, almost alone.

Both producers are renowned for their analogue skills. Here these are realised in a workout of synths and sequences, no doubt putting some of the boutique modules Humphrey once dealt in while at Big City Music to good use. From the multitude of pounding drums and dubby keys in Assimilation, to the tranced-out, broken beat nostalgia-tripper that is Subversion, it’s as good a showcase for this traditionalist ethic as you’re likely to hear this side of New Year.

Delightful moments come in the shape of the plucked melody and strolling cymbals of Culture Shock, which wears a branding that reads ‘Fresh’ on its forehead. And elsewhere Adaptation is made up of filtered keys and a bleeping bass that nods toward Tejada’s work with Arian Leviste, such is the soulful sleaziness and pure electronic excellence at work. Not too hard, not too soft, definitely techno, and almost certainly house. In short, what more do you want?



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