DJ Mag top 100 results

So the results are finally in, and its no major surprises really. DJ mag’s top 100 DJ’s list 2010 was annouced last night, with the winner, Armin Van Buuren retaining his top spot again this year, making him top of the pile 4 years on the trott.

As usual theres a massive lack of any artisits that deviate from the trance/house genres, dispite the fact that dance music these days is a much more diverse then it was 10 years ago, (and David Guetta at number 2, really, are you having a laugh??) However as much as its easy to complain that the list doesn’t really seem to represent the UK scene, we must remember that this is a global poll. Cue the German/Dutch influx.

What’s also interesting (or not even) is how seeing that Dance music was originally all about subversion, a non-commerical musical sub-genre that defied the mainstream, that was about shared club experience rather then marketing – the top ten is littered with marketing deals, video games, and black eyed pea remixes. At least our in-box will be spam free for another 10 months before the PR machine kicks off again…

The Top ten are:

Armin Van Buuren
 David Guetta
Above & Beyond
Paul Van Dyk
Gareth Emery
Markus Schulz
Ferry Corsten

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