Timo Maas

Have you played at Cable before?

Nope…but I know the team from the good old ‘The End’ times….looking forward to that! I’m looking forward to Cable especially, I will play a long set there…5hrs!

How does the recent Balance mix 017 compare to your other compilation mixes?

I cannot compare really, because its too long ago, I’ve done something and it has been a different time…. but I feel confident with the Balance!

Do you have a good idea of what you’re going to play before you get to a venue? Do you plan it? If yes, have you got your set at Cable planned?

I don`t plan my sets generally…always look and see, how the vibe is… but I will definitely go full-on, as I’ve got enough time to “spread myself out.”

It’s a busy time for you at the moment, playing in Thailand, India, Europe and some American dates not far away, any highlights so far for 2010? Do you think your show at Cable could be a highlight of your year?

DC10 again mate… That was a blast this summer, also my gigs at Il Muretto in Italy were amazing and Oz last weekend rocked too!

Cable will be a blast…sure…we’re there with the full Balance/Rockets&Ponies package… it’ll be veeeeeeeeeery cool!

Besides Balance 017 are there any more album or compilation releases on the horizon?

Yeah…my next studio album is in the making, and so are some sample CDs for producers on Loopmasters… Release of these is in early 2011 and the album next summer!

If you had to select a dream DJ lineup who would be in there and why?

Carl Cox, because he’s the man, Mr. C, same reason and Danny T, because he`s so special, Massive Attack for the backroom & maybe Underworld for the Anthems… And of course myself to get drunk with everybody!!!!

Thanks for chatting to Plain & Simple Timo! See you at Cable, London on November 6th!