Psycatron ‘Celestial Symphony’

Psycatron / ‘Celestial Symphony’

Vinyl / MP3

Tronic / Released October 15th 2010

From the outset it’s clear Christian Smith had some influence over this release. Even if it’s only the fact he owns the imprint that has the pleasure to carry it.

The original steps in with a pretty pounding, basic techno beat. A warbling bassline enters the fray, and soon things are taking on a decidedly space age disco form, with added meat and no cheese on the plate. Genre classics like Substance & Vainqueur’s Emerge 2 spring to mind, such is the relative complexity of the seemingly disjointed dubby cogs at work here, while offset keys make for an addictive hook that wouldn’t dream of letting you go.

As things approach the realms of repetition a whopping great string breakdown lands, taking the sound above from below, and confirming crossover appeal aplenty. What’s better still is that, with a wonderfully stripped intro and outro on either side, it’s clear Irish producers Dave Lievense and Paul Hamill have kept the mix in mind, and their DJ background at the fore of the track’s structure.

Celestial Circuits picks up the pace the A-side left things running at. Obviously, given its name, we’re in rework territory, and this alternative offering throws a little more grit and mechanics in the pot. Frantic, moderately filtered cymbals accompany the core tune, which retains the melody of the first version, albeit with added industry. It’s not long until we’re back hurtling toward the conclusion, this time with the addition of percussive hydraulics to help us get there. We were told this was a timeless piece of Detroit inspired electronic music. After hearing it, we’d be inclined to agree.