Preview of the long awaited new single from Digitalism.


Preview of the long awaited new single from Digitalism.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard much from the boys that bought us Zdarlight, Idealistic and Pogo. For a while Digitalism personified the rise of the new sound electronica that has emergedover the last decade, and after months off the scene tweeking in the studio they’re back with new material, and a tour that takes in London on the 30th Oct at Hearn Street Carpark.

‘Blitz’ will be released on November 8th on French indie-electro –tech super label Kitsune, and to get your mouth watering there is a preview available on the labels site. A ‘get your mouth watering’ is what this preview does, its 3.23 seconds of atmospherics, layered synths, and cleverly produced soundscapes which would make an epic set opener, however just as you’re really itching for a filthy beat to drop it fades out….here’s hoping that there’s a drop of epic proportions after that build up when its finally revealed.

You can hear the preview here:

The single will be released as free MP3, in the anticipation of a new album to come soon, and will include remixes from Harvard Bass and villa, released in a collection along with one more original track.