Expand your mind (and music collection), for free

Oh what a world it would be without legalities in music. On the one hand everyone would probably be shafting everyone else. But then we might still be able to download content from Auntie’s archives via Mix Riot.

This month the website, which holds a vast amount of live and studio sets by DJs from Ame to Zinc,  withdrew all of its BBC content. The move apparently left an “overall bad vibe”, resulting in the announcement that Sundays will now be a free for all down at MR HQ.

So from 12am GMT to 11:59 GMT, as you’re winding down the weekend and preparing for Monday’s onslaught, why not while away a few hours downloading mixes from some of the world’s best selectors, at no cost whatsoever. That’s 24 hours in which to get a lifetime’s worth of party soundtracks and era defining performances, so best check your Fair Usage Policy and make sure your broadband is up to it.

And as if that wasn’t quite enough, the generous house historians responsible for maintaining this intimidating collection of recordings are also offering an end of summer deal, with monthly subscriptions to access unlimited content currently costing just 6p. We’re not sure, but you might struggle to spend 6p on anything else these days, considering the price of milk.