Evil 9- music for lovers.

Well, no it’s not really for lovers. Not unless you’re into some seriously full on bed-room antics. (We won’t ask) The Brokenbeat-electro-rock-glitch-noise makers release another single on their recently formed digital only ‘For Lovers’ label. And if you’re wondering what to expect form the new imprint? – “We don’t have a vision for the label like most people would but what we do know is it’s gonna release music that girls like, that’s fun to write and fun to dance to in nightclubs, fields and horrible little grimey after-parties with your dirty little friends.” That sounds like a pretty good strategy to us.

For Lovers,  which is getting amazing support from the likes of A-trak, Crookers, Sinden, Switch, Skream, Alex Metric & Steve Aoki, has seen the boys take a more house-led direction than you’d expect from their earlier releases on Marine Parade (who could forget crooked),  both ‘Ultimo’ and ‘Stay Up’ have a real old-school house feel to them, with plenty of vintage rave synth sounds which will no doubt open the label up to a new audience who may have previously tagged them as a breaks act.  The guys have also been busy with remixes for The Gorillaz, Temper Trap, Spleen, Camu Tao & Mason.

“Just like our previous For Lovers release ‘Ultimo’ we’re not holding back on the cliches or energy; that’s energy as in energetic music not the mystical and unseen force. ‘Stay Up’ samples a vocal from our buddy El-P’s song ‘Up All Night’, we defiled his poetic and politically charged vocal by chopping it up into a modern day rave chant to keep your motherfucking hands in the air. The track follows on nicely from Ultimo, Real Love and our recent remixes; this time we’ve gone a bit ravey but kept one eye firmly set on the future. Alongside the original we’ve got a remix by Mason who’ve done an excellent job, they’ve left in a lot of the original elements but still put their unique mark on it.”

Get yourself over to http://for-lovers.co.uk/ to hear more.