Smack the Force Up.

Elite Force Smashes The Force Up.

U&A head honcho and ‘tech-funk’ pioneer Elite Force certainly knows how to keep his fan base happy, with yet another storming free-to-download release. His Revamp series has seen a hoard of some of the best dance tracks old and new given the Elite force treatment, and alongside the massive success of the Revamp Album he’s treated followers to a series of free mash-ups and exclusive edits. From the guaranteed floor filler ‘Control the Engine’, sampling both the Gossip’s ‘Standing in the Way’ and Mr Ozio’s ‘Flat Beat’, (trust us, we’ve seen dancefloors explode to this), to the more straight to the point electro of Midnight Juggernauts ‘Tombstone’, Elite Force has established himself as one of the most prolific remixes of recent years.

This time it’s the Prodigy’s turn to get the Elite Force treatment. Yesterday he unleashed an exclusive 320 download of his revamp of ‘Smack My Bitch Up’, and we can 100% confirm it’s a stormer. He’s bought the original bang up to date, with his trademark breakbeat meats tech-house feel, (dare we say it’s a bit Freeland-esq?) making it a superb weapon for any peak time set.  At the same time there’s plenty of the original track in there to take you ‘back to the day’, so you can dig out the baggy combats, spike your hair and don some UV paint ready to jump around your flat in a moment of pure retro bliss.  If you weren’t old enough to go clubbing in the 90’s (you missed out), then the Revamp album will give your modern ears a taster of sampling and reworking at its best.

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