Kumasi music announce debut compilation…


Kumasi Music Vol 1
Kumasi Music

Kumasi Music is one of the new breed of house labels making a great name for itself. Now the label that is also an agency offers a debut label compilation following in the wake of its first few EPs.

The sound is a very modern one which pairs disco with house with plenty of emotion and simply screams to be played in summer, on a terrace, with vibes a plenty sure to ensue. The compilation is stuffed with nothing that is too pastiche or backward looking as has been the way in recent times for the house scene. There are names you will recognise like Johnny Cade of Black Key association, with his Wells track kicking like a mule through clattering garage percussion and well placed vocal samples,

The hotly tipped S.K.A.M. then chimes in with a suitably downbeat and lush disco house opener, Matt Fear with a slightly more edgy, frazzled machine workout and No Artificial Colours do their thing in style with Release.

The artists included cover plenty of ground from newbies to more established names. Adam Banks, Softcash and Rotkraft all turn in music that is sure to get them plenty of attention thanks to its funky freshness. Seems Kumasi is onto a great thing here, and watching the empire expand and evolve will likely be an enjoyable process, much like it is listening to their first ever compilation.



1. S.K.A.M. – Enter The Void
2. Kolombo – Clubbing
3. Trav & Volta – Hunting
4. No Artificial Colours – Release
5. Kreature & Sizeup – She Freaks
6. Matt Fear – Times
7. SION & Upstroke – Knockout
8. Jonny Cade – Wells
9. Adam Banks – My Sound
10. Newbie Nerdz – The Way You Look
11. Rotkraft – Mumbai
12. Erik Christiansen – Karrpon
13. Markas – Bow Bow
14. Softcash – Twisted Fatty
15. Matt Fear – Senseless
16. Kolombo – Slammed
17. Mike Gill feat. Robert Owens – In The Midst (wAFF Remix) BONUS TRACK