Mike Shannon ‘Reset, Bleep’

A man who usually pleases us with his productions once again proves himself to be consistent, arriving on his own label with three quality curveballs.

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Wow, that week seems to have flown by, no doubt because most of us are still trying to pick up the pieces after last Friday and figure out what the hell happened there. Needless to say though, another weekend means another load of events for us to dip our hand into, and, of course, our […]

CHOICE CUT – Blue Fields ‘Ghost Story’

Cynosure boss Mike Shannon, classical guitarist Takeshi Nishimoto, and vocalist Fadila unveil Ghost Story, a deft meld of house, electronica, and Balearic moods.

Wagon Repair compilation approaches

Matthew Johnson, Konrad Black, The Mole, Tyger Dhula, Dinky, Ryan Crosson, Donato Dozzy, Deadbeat, and tobias. will all appear on the 17 track album when it arrives later this month.